nss magazine is a newspaper registered in 2022 and born in 2012 as an evolution of the blog
nss magazine is a reference point in Europe for communities and fans of fashion and current culture.
The goal of nss magazine is to make streetwear culture accessible, with content ranging from investigative
journalism to guides for discovering fashion trends. nss has over time become a digital ecosystem that
includes nss sports, dedicated to the culture and aesthetics of soccer, and nss g-club, which explores the beauty world.
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Walter D’Aprile
Head of Editorial Content
Francesco Abazia - [email protected]
Fashion Market Editor & Producer
Edoardo Lasala - [email protected]
Project Manager & Producer
Elisa Ambrosetti - [email protected]
Project Manager
Matteo Varriale - [email protected]
Junior Producer
Cecilia Corsetti - [email protected]
Editor-at-Large & Founder MQBMBQ
Jordan Anderson - [email protected]
Fashion and Culture Editor
Maria Stanchieri - [email protected]
Fashion Editor
Lorenzo Salamone - [email protected]
News and Culture Editor
Adelaide Guerisoli - [email protected]
Head of Social Media
Ilaria Grande - [email protected]
Social Media Editor
Francesca Pezzola - [email protected]
Social Media Editor
Alberto Castellano - [email protected]
Social Media Editor 
Theo Choquart - [email protected]
Social Media Editor 
Davide Persi - [email protected]
Graphic Designer
Aurora Guantario - [email protected]
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Project Manager & Editor
Tommaso Berra - [email protected]
Social Media Manager & Editor
Emanuele D’Angelo - [email protected]
News Editor
Lorenzo Bottini - [email protected]
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Project Manager & Social Media Manager
Martina Covre - [email protected]
Anna Paola Parapini - [email protected]
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Walter D’Aprile - [email protected]
Vincenzo Schioppa - [email protected]
Simon Laudati - [email protected]

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